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Persistence Is Key

Success is not the absence of failure; it’s the persistence through the failure. –Aisha Tyler


            Persistence is key to succeeding at many things in life and living a more sustainable lifestyle is no different. Continual small efforts make the biggest changes and remembering those details and adhering to them are sometimes difficult to maintain. Change is a part of life that is going to happen no matter what. If you’re ready for it, welcoming it, looking for it, avoiding it, don’t see it coming… change is there. Some of it is controlled, other times not so much.


            As we travel through life we experience our own unique stories and sometimes it takes a tough decision for the greater good. In doing so, it could drastically change our day to day life. It can be a new job, school, relationships, and many other life-altering situations. When this happens, it seems like other aspects of our life can be thrown off.


            When these changes happen in my life, I notice that some of the better habits I have get tossed to the wayside. When figuring out new time schedules it is difficult to work in when to exercise and keep a consistent healthy diet. Nothing is 100%, but the number of veggies I eat certainly go down when I am switching aspects of my life around.


            Not only are there issues with the external parts of life, the internal dialogue has issues balancing out at times too. Keeping the mental power to not take the lazy way out when tired is more difficult some days than others. I’ve found this is an issue with making decisions that involve being more sustainable and environmentally friendly sometimes too. I’ll admit, I’ve been slipping up. I have gotten the to-go container and haven’t said something when there was an absurd amount of sauce packets put into my bag. I’ve slacked on organizing the recycling as often as I have before, so it takes longer each time, thus making the time it takes to organize it when we take it increases day by day. Those are just a few examples of many, but my point is: Change is difficult to adjust to right away.


            I also made decisions at the grocery store that lead me to reducing my waste, even though I really wanted nothing more than to eat whatever food item I decided had too much wasteful packaging, or too much of a negative impact on my health. I also did my best to recycle everything I could find possible that would have been thrown out otherwise, and even got the gumption to organize the recycling a time or two. It’s just all about the effort and persistence.


            Even people who are easily adaptable to new situations have issues adjusting to change. Although it is a great part of life and certainly keeps things interesting, it is how we roll with it that makes the difference. I have had to try and adjust my thinking to realize that change is always lurking around the corner, so there are some things that I need to be more consistent on and focus on making more of a constant part of my life. Sure, the amount of free time we have differs occasionally, but it’s not the worst thing in the world. After all, that’s what keeps life interesting is it not?


            Basically: Keep your chin up! We all have something we can work on or improve, so don’t let that get you down. Persistence is key, and that is what will really help take us places. Think about the day ahead of you, or even the hour ahead of you if necessary. Just continually work on being the best you and keep the bright side of the future in mind. With the change that has already started and is on its way through my life right now, I am having to remind myself of this constantly. It’s a very helpful way to continue to discover your inner workings and work on strengths and weaknesses. If something makes me nervous, I know it’s something I must do—within reason, of course.


            The journey is all about growth and experience, finding your ‘new’ and acting upon your passions and goals. Maybe I should go back, look at them, and see if I need to re-evaluate my priorities to align them with my stepping stones to success. I’m also going to have to learn how to better focus my drive and determination to make sure everything I would like to do is getting done. I really enjoy seeing others’ successes on their journeys towards whatever goal(s) they are working towards, it really helps keep me motivated. If you’re ever feeling down, I highly recommend surrounding yourself with people and an environment that makes you happy and find your ‘normal.’ There will always be change, so there are things that we need to take a look at and realize are still the same but will be done in different fashions.


Keep up the persistence, adjustments to change, ability to keep going, and make sure you do what’s best for you now and in the long run.

Sustainably Yours,



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