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Hobbies: Enjoy Your Life While Loving The Earth

First and foremost, I would like to state that I am NOT trying to tell people what hobbies they should/shouldn’t do.  I am simply stating some hobbies that I enjoy and are decently eco-friendly.

I do recommend to anyone who has a hobby that creates/produces waste to analyze it and realize where waste is created, and see if they can reduce it, upcycle it, reuse it, recycle it… well you get the idea!

The world is such a big place, which is great because that means there are so many facets of life to be explored if desired. A thought that I enjoy entertaining would have to be about how no matter what, it is not possible to know everything that there is in the world. In my corner of the world, I really enjoy doing different physical activities to help my mind and body sync.

Running/walking would have to be the highest up there on a list of exercises I enjoy. There’s nothing better than a breath of fresh air. Growing up I was always running. I did it in Middle School, High School, and part of college before being medically disqualified. The gym is great, and I enjoy lifting some weights OR THE STAIR STEPPER on occasion but running is where my heart’s at. It took a long time for me to be able to say that again, but I’m proud to do so!

Yoga is an activity I’d put off way too long to start doing! I ran competitively for 8 years and didn’t start yoga until 4ish years after…now I love it so much! Neck/shoulder yoga sessions make the body feel in ways that words cannot describe. Yoga is such a stress-relieving activity that helps both your body and mind slow down, even if just for the duration of the session. Focusing on your breathing is a part of it, and taking gradual deep breaths is something I know I need to improve on.

These next two I’m combining because more often than not they cross paths. I really enjoy shuffling…and playing with my kitten. I’m still a beginner in the shuffling world, but my oh my is it such a beautiful way to express your enjoyment for music. The two intersect as I often shuffle when my kitten tries to ambush me and attack my legs while walking (typical cat things… I think his ‘Adult Cat’ factory settings are kicking in, haha). All jokes aside, I do love to run around with a stringy toy of his and uncontrollably giggle while he tries to catch it.

Physical activities are not the only spice of life worth enjoying—there are plenty of other things I enjoy such as singing, drawing, surfing Reddit, and my most expensive hobby by default: cooking. Besides bills, that’s what the largest portion of my income goes to.

Hobbies I would LOVE to start would be: meditation, reading more books, wire wrapping, taking more/better photos, and creating music.

Who knows what hobbies will be a part of my lifestyle in a month, year, 3 years, and so on. The point of hobbies is to enjoy them, and hey who knows… maybe end up making some money from them one day.

The main point of this is: enjoy what you do and make it the most “You” it can be. That’s the best part about it! Just make sure to keep a thoughtful eye on the waste produced from it and see if there are ways it can be improved. I don’t know you, but I’m sure you’re quite an intelligent human… so you’ll be able to figure something out. 🙂 For the Greater Good. We CAN do this!

Sustainably Yours,



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