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Meat: Yes, No, Maybe?

So many people, so many lifestyles, so many differences… but a common goal unites us all. The best part about life is that it throws you curveballs and you don’t know what is heading your way next. While walking down this path we will all make our own decisions that can lead to us still living full lives. A great part about this journey is that each and every person is so different, which means there is no one ‘right’ way to do this. If something is involved in my life that doesn’t accumulate waste it does not mean that anybody else HAS to take that up since it is a zero-waste activity and vice-versa. People can have so many hobbies, tastes, and interests that have absolutely nothing to do with each other.

The topic I am going to discuss my experience with this week may seem a bit controversial to some, but it is about eating meat. Right now I currently am eating it but have cut down drastically on how much I consume, as when I was younger it was basically served with every meal. Years later when I got out on my own and started experimenting with what I wanted to eat (or didn’t) was when I realized I was completely happy with having less meat in general. As far as completely giving it up I am not writing it off for now. Though it seems as time goes on it gets to be simply too much for me to fathom eating more and more.

I am absolutely against the violence and inhumane care that animals are given (or lack thereof) I will make clear now. The reason why I eat meat is because it is enjoyable and there are so many different recipes that can be made with it that I really love to eat. There are plenty of days that go by where I do not eat any at all. When grocery shopping once we go through the produce section we are mostly done, which I love. Texture is certainly a part that contributes into me not enjoying the meat as much. When you bite and chew into a vegetable it is not really that bad, a nice crispy crunch depending on how it’s being served. With meat you sort of sink your teeth into it, hope you do not get a gross chewy part, and then feel the rest of it tearing apart in your mouth. My apologies if the description was a bit in-depth. Even thinking about it is not an appealing part of the process for me. Other reasons why I do not eat meat are purely for taste. I have never really been a fan of pork chops, ground beef was alright, and chicken was delicious. As I’ve grown I still do not like pork chops, ground beef is a far and few between, and chicken is alright. Vegetables were far and few between too, as I barely ate and when I did there was not much to be eaten. Now spinach is one of my favorite foods. Quite the change in palate, I’d say!

As far as sushi goes, I certainly enjoy that too. I do not get out to eat it nearly as much as I used to, so again it all falls back on cutting down consumption. That coupled with the fact that, as touched on earlier, people live different lifestyles with different points of view that make the world go ‘round.

I will admit that I need to do more research and make sure I am purchasing ethically and humanely treated/processed meat. I do not buy it all that much so that is why this has not been more heavily looked into on my end, but I also realize that is a lame excuse. I have been getting turkey from the Deli instead of the pre-packaged containers to at least buy fresher meat. I could never find the recycling symbol/information on those containers, so I wasn’t even 100% sure if it COULD be recycled. The smell of the turkey I was buying was more of chemicals than meat, so the switch was worth the extra funds and adjustment to time we usually go shopping to make sure the deli is open when we are at the store. It’s not worth a solo trip to pick up in my opinion.

The only issue that may arise with this across the board is the cost. Our grocery budget is pretty strict, so finding the money for potentially higher priced meat is not something we may be able to do all of the time. Overall this really is not the worst thing, as it helps contribute to cutting down how often we are eating it to make it more of an occasionally eaten item instead of having such a prominent spot in my diet.

Earlier in this post I mentioned that I currently eat meat, but this may not be how I decide to live my life in the future. Sometimes I prefer meals without it when I am going out to eat or making something at home. There are plenty of times where I am simply not in the mood to eat it at all. There are other times that the thought of a meal containing it sounds enticing, so I indulge. Are there any particular brands of meat that aren’t chemical-laden and treat animals well that you enjoy?


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