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Hello, and welcome to SustainabiliMe!

It has been a goal of mine to live a more wholesome life in many ways—including reducing, reusing, and recycling however possible. Nobody is perfect, and I sure don’t claim to be, but putting forth a little bit of thought combined with a dash of effort can take us all a long way. This blog is being created to encompass my journey to living a more sustainable and waste-free lifestyle as much as possible, with a focus on the greater good. There will be hiccups, revelations, and different alternatives upon further knowledge gained along the way. My path to a more conscious sustainable lifestyle is beginning with me living in an apartment setting with roommates, and a low budget. Nothing is wrong with any of these things by any means, but more so setting up the initial part of the journey. Unfortunately, I will not be able to have a glorious garden and be able to easily store/use compost either. That does not mean that I will never have one though! It is just where I am at currently in life, and I am happy to be beginning these changes here.  You may be starting out in different living arrangements both personal living space and roommates and with a different budget, but that does not mean you can’t tag along with me! It just means we will be on slightly different alterations of our paths.

Previously, I used to think that I lived a pretty waste-free lifestyle. I recycle, have a reusable water bottle, don’t eat meat every day, and try not to be generally wasteful amongst other small efforts. Then… I actually started thinking about what I consume every day. Take a minute to think about how often you throw something away. It’s quite a bit, huh? Some of it cannot be avoided but it can definitely be reduced. Changing your entire lifestyle may sound like a crazy idea—but hear me out.

There are so many uncertainties and tragedies occurring around the world right now, that it can be overwhelming to even think about. With many things being out of our control, we can feel a bit helpless at times. Though one thing we CAN guarantee is the impact we have on the environment and others. So, how about we scale it down and hone in on bettering ourselves as individuals and in our own communities first. If there was a recycling bin close and you still throw that plastic bottle in a trash can that’s closer and think “oh, someone else will do it. They’ll recycle their bottle so they won’t ALL go to waste,” it simply won’t get done. Have you ever heard of a situation where a person is in need of emergency personnel with multiple citizens on the scene, yet 911 doesn’t get called? This refers to the herd mentality of concluding somebody else will make the call… A concept that should be eradicated from the mind. If you do something yourself, you KNOW it is getting done.

This will be a fun and interesting experiment of sorts to introduce creative and innovative ways to progress and live as organically as possible and leave the Earth a little better than when we got here. Some people think corporations are the main source of pollution and waste, though not innocent by any means, when humans outnumber them by far. Corporations can put forth effort to reduce and filter down their waste, but we create the demand that determines the supply. It’s our job to seek the companies who are doing their part to become more eco-friendly.

SustainabiliMe was chosen as this blog’s title to represent the significant impact we as a single person have on the environment. Any time you reference the name, you will realize it’s me (yes, you!), who is the powerful force behind this movement. Life is composed of all sorts of beautiful connections. When a person is takes part in a helpful action, no matter how small, it serves as a catalyst involving a string of people doing more good deeds. Just think—if each person does even one good deed, that would mean 7-8 BILLION positive actions would result. Imagine what we could accomplish! It all begins with one act, one person. That person is you.

I assure you the impact we have working individually will be much stronger across the board. Knowing how much waste you create, and holding yourself accountable for it, is the key to this journey. Many small actions will quantify into a massive movement. That is the exact reason why ants, although small, are a force to be reckoned with. As a friend once told me: “teamwork makes the dream work!” 🙂

I invite you to join me on this journey to give health back to the earth by cultivating a healthier, more informed, and positive way of living. One that will provide knowledge to help better the earth and our species. There will of course be times where it is not possible, but Rome was not built in a day… and neither will this lifestyle change be. Life extends beyond the depths of our time. It’s about time (pun intended) we realize this, accept it, and act accordingly. If these posts inspire/educate even one person, then I will have been successful. I am learning as I go, and hope you do the same with me.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and If you have any educational tidbits, advice, movements to join, ways to do something more sustainably, or even cool eco-friendly/sustainable/green facts I invite you to mention it! Learning about new exciting things is never something that will get old. Knowledge is the gift that keeps on giving after all!

I’ll be posting to the blog every Friday, but if you follow me on Instagram @Sustainabiliyou, you will see daily updates and a bit more insight into my life.

Sustainably Yours,




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